Which Rides Do You Find To Be The Most Stimulating & Thrilling?

What rides are the most thrilling? It can depend on what you like and where you are. For example, the rides are different at an amusement park than they are at a carnival or fair. There are different sizes when it comes to amusement parks, too. And of course, people have individual tastes as to what rides they find thrilling. Some people don’t like the adventures found in rollercoasters and prefer the thrill of rides that perhaps keep them on the ground.

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Top Spin Rides

It’s interesting because while I have always been afraid of heights, I love all rides. They might scare me half to death, but I don’t act like it. What’s even more interesting is the worst to me has always been a Ferris Wheel. You see, a Ferris Wheel is going to keep you high up in the air while moving slow. That’s the kicker for me. It moves slow, and so it makes you constantly think about how high up in the air you are at the time.

And then there is the loading of a Ferris Wheel. They stop you, completely, multiple times! It is enough to drive me bonkers, but I love it at the same time. It’s even worse when you’re talking about the Ferris Wheels that aren’t complete cages. I guess you could say that in my book, the most thrilling ride is the Ferris Wheel. Click here to check more thrilling rides for sale in Beston.

The last one I rode actually had completely enclosed cages. Let’s not forget to mention, however, that it’s on the oceanfront and is 200 feet tall. When I say it’s on the oceanfront, I say that to bring up the fact that there is a lot of wind. Plus, when I rode the Ferris Wheel, it was on a seriously windy day during the off-season. I could have prayed the whole entire time if you get my drift.

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Beston Varied Ferris Wheel Rides

What about you? Is a Ferris Wheel enough of a thrill for you, or do you think of other rides? For sure, I typically think of coasters when I think of thrilling rides, but I’m digging and realizing that a Ferris Wheel actually scares me the most. I might think differently if I were to ride some of the largest coasters out there.

There are some really big coasters for sure. I remember one time when I was younger, I rode a tower ride without even thinking about the height while my dad about peed his pants. Yet that was when I was really young. As I grew up, I began to be scared of heights. Most people are scared of heights to a degree, but many people approach rides with a ‘do it anyway’ mentality.

You only live once, right? You might as well get that thrill. There are some rides that will give you a thrill without making you feel like your life is in danger. In fact, there are thrilling rides that don’t leave the ground. They are fun to enjoy, too. All rides are fun. Which ones are your favorites? Want to know more types of fun rides? Check out this page: bestonparkrides.com,¬†and it will surprise you.

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